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The Unique Features of TTtrips

⦿ Professional driver transfers, safe and easy, no need to find parking spaces and routes

⦿ Each passenger is insured with 2.5 million travel insurance, an extra guarantee for travel

⦿ A legally registered first-class travel agency in Taiwan, and a member of the Quality Assurance Association

⦿ Personalized one-on-one consultation with customer service to assist in planning your itinerary

⦿ Hotel and restaurant booking services available

⦿ Business Services

Recommended Itineraries for Taiwan Private tour

Taiwan Travel Guide

Popular spot in Taiwan

Taipei, Taichung, Nantou, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Yilan, Hualien, Taitung, Jiufen, Alishan, Kenting, Taroko, Sun Moon Lake



Taipei - Jiufen

  National Palace Museum   CKS Memorial Hall
Ximending   Shilin Night Market   Raohe Night Market
      New Taipei    

Pingxi Old Street

  Yehliu   Tamsui Old Street
Wuling Farm   Rainbow Village   Gaomei Wetlands
Cingjing Farm   Fengjia Night Market   Guguan Hot Springs
Yushan   Sun Moon Lake   Hehuan Mountain
Confucius Temple   Anping Old Fort   Chimei Museum
Dragon and Tiger Pagodas   Pier-2 Art Center   Ruifeng Night Market
Taiping Mountain   Traditional Arts   Zhang Mei Ama's Farm


  Qingshui Cliffs  

Farglory Ocean Park



  Mianyue Line   Tataka
Hengchun old street   Sichongxi Hot Springs   Kenting


Taiwan chartered car price list

Car model

Number of people/luggage

Airport transfer (NTD)

Price/1D (NTD)

5-seater car

4 people + 4 luggage

1,300 up

5,000~5,500 up

9-seater van

7 people + 5 luggage

1,500 up

5,500~6,500 up

9-seater VAN VIP Bez

7 people + 5 luggage

2,000 up

7,000~8,000 up

9-seats van VW BigT

8 people + 8 luggage

4,000 up

10,000~12,000 up

21~26 seats minibus

20 people + 16 luggage

5,000  up

10,000~12,000 up

40-seats bus

40 people + 40 luggage

6,000 up

12,000~14,000 up

Chinese professional tour guide


3,000~4,000 up

English-speaking professional tour guide


5,000~6,000 up

 Note : 
 • View Models 
 • Designated driver NT 2,000/day, English-speaking driver, please contact customer service
 • Models above CMB: NT 2,000~4,000 on Saturdays and National Holidays
 • If you end the trip in a long distance or in another place, the return fee and long-distance fee will be increased, please contact customer service
 • The driving time is 10 hours/day, the overtime fee is NT 500/hour, and the overtime fee for CMB or above is NT 1,000/hour


↓ One-on-One Consultation ↓

Contact Us (WhatsApp)   Contact Us (Line)  

Order process

1. Fill out the inquiry form

2. A travel consultant will contact you within 24 hours

3. Provide itinerary requirements and basic information, and discuss your itinerary details with the consultant

4. Both parties confirm that the content of the order is correct(Quotation valid for seven days), and pay the deposit online by 40%

5. The driver will contact you to confirm the transfer details one day before departure

Online customer service  

Line | Whatsapp | Wechat   


Fee description

● Including

1. Driver guide service fee, fuel fee, toll fee, parking fee, insurance fee (TWD2 million/person)

2. 10-hour vehicle usage fee

3. Chinese-speaking drivers and tour guides for models with nine seats or less

4. Hotel and B&B pick-up and drop-off

5. Free use of accessories on the car

● not included

1. Accommodation, meals, tickets, and other personal expenses

2. Driver's guide accommodation and meals

3. Additional expenses due to force majeure reasons such as traffic delays, strikes, weather, aircraft, machine failures, flight cancellations or time changes

4. Night service fee: local time 22:00 - 07:00 the next day to use the vehicle and driver guide service, pay the driver guide night service fee TWD500/day on the spot

5. In the actual itinerary, if the guest's tour time exceeds the standard service range of 10 hours, the overtime fee needs to be paid, and the guest can pay directly to the driver and guide.


● Overtime fee

1. A 9-seat VAN with the following models will be charged NTD 500/hour

2. The 9-seat Big T car will be charged NTD 1,000/hour


Chartered car quality control

✔ The driver has a qualified license, and the customers of the orange cat chartered car can ride with peace of mind

✔ Service quality management, all drivers have to pay a service deposit to ensure qualified service

✔ Background system monitoring to provide you with the most efficient dispatching service


Important information

● Please complete the order at least one week before the time of use

● This price is the usual price, not applicable for big holidays, the price is subject to the consultant's quotation

● The car can provide 1 child seat, if necessary, please contact the consultant customer service

● The itinerary can be customized and adjusted and quoted, please contact the consultant customer service for assistance

● All quotations do not include tax. If you need an invoice, 5% tax will be added. If you need it, please contact the consultant customer service


Cancellation and Refund

If the guest cancels the itinerary due to personal reasons, the fee will be handled in accordance with the "Domestic Tourism Formalization Contract" issued by the Tourism Bureau.
l If the booking is cancelled 41 days before departure, a 5% handling fee of the full travel fee will be charged
l Cancellations made 31 to 40 days before departure will incur a 10% handling fee of the full travel fee
l Cancellations made 21 to 30 days before departure will incur a 20% handling fee of the full travel fee
l Cancellation 2 to 20 days before departure will incur a 30% handling fee of the full travel fee
l Cancellation 1 day before departure, 50% of the full travel fee will be charged
l Cancellation on the day of departure will not be refunded
In the event of force majeure cancellation of the itinerary (natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes/epidemic level 3), the balance will be refunded after deducting 5% of the total travel cost of necessary fees and administrative expenses.


Common problem

1. What items are included in the chartered car fee? Do I need to tip extra? How is the overtime fee calculated?
The fee includes fuel fee, toll fee, parking fee, driver's board and lodging and insurance; it does not include attraction tickets, guest board and lodging and self-funded activities. The chartered service time is 10HRS/day. There is no hard and fast rule for tipping, and guests can decide on their own depending on the quality of the driver's service. The overtime fee varies according to different regions and dates! It is recommended to estimate the overtime fee with the customer service center before the trip

2. Can the scenic spot or departure time be temporarily changed on the day?
The chartered car is based on your itinerary (negotiated by both parties). The time will be based on the pace of your travel that day, and there will be no limit to the time you stay in each scenic spot. If there are temporary conditions on the day, it can be adjusted flexibly. Negotiable according to the situation of the day. If you change the departure time temporarily, please confirm with the driver at least one day before

3. What is included in the insurance of the chartered car? After Orange Cat helps us add insurance, do we still need to add travel insurance by ourselves?
Including commercial vehicle liability insurance, compulsory insurance, travel agency liability insurance, a total of 6 million. We also recommend that guests, no matter which country they go to, add their own travel insurance to feel more at ease! There is an extra layer of protection for injuries and illnesses due to personal behavior during the journey. The insurance that the company adds to the customer's insurance is that if we are responsible for negligence, the insurance will only be established.


Recommended Route 

In-Depth Tour of Western Taiwan A Route




Taipei > Neiwan Old Street > Lavender Forest > Gaomei Wetlands > Rainbow Village > Fengjia Night Market > Stay in Taichung


Taichung > Guanziling Hot Springs > Baihe Lotus Ponds > Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum > Ruifeng Night Market > Stay in Kaohsiung


Kaohsiung > Qijin Island > Cijin Ferry > Pier-2 Art Center > Tainan Confucius Temple Old Street > Huayuan Night Market > Stay in Tainan


Tainan > Chihkan Tower > Old Julius Mannich Merchant House > Anping Fort/Tree House > Yizai Golden Castle > Zhou's Shrimp Rolls > Tainan


Tainan > Eternal Golden Castle Bridge > Fenqihu Railway Station > Alishan Forest Recreation Area (Sister Ponds/Giant Tree Forest) > Stay in Alishan


Alishan > Chiayi Chicken Rice > Sun Moon Lake (Dadao Shao/Xuanguang Temple/Wenwu Temple/Shuishe Pier/Apo Egg) > Sun Moon Lake Tour/Cable Car > Stay in Sun Moon Lake


Sun Moon Lake > 18°C Chocolate Factory > Puli Winery > Cingjing Farm Green Green Grasslands > Small Swiss Garden > Paper King > Old England Manor > Stay in Cingjing


Cingjing > Shengxing Station > Danshui Old Street > Fisherman's Wharf > Lover's Bridge > Shilin Night Market > Stay in Taipei

Recommended Itinerary

Departure from Taipei | A Six-Day Five-Night Complete Record of Touring Taiwan by Private Car, Witnessing the Beauty of Taiwan!


Tour around Taiwan Route B




Taipei > Neiwan Old Street > Lavender Forest > Gaomei Wetlands > Rainbow Village > Fengjia Night Market > Stay in Taichung


Taichung > Sun Moon Lake (Dadao Shao/Xuanguang Temple/Wenwu Temple/Shuishe Pier/Apo Egg) > Sun Moon Lake Tour/Cable Car > Stay in Sun Moon Lake


Sun Moon Lake > Baihe Lotus Ponds > Guanziling Hot Springs > Sicao Green Tunnel > Huayuan Night Market > Stay in Tainan


Tainan > Qijin Island > Cijin Ferry > British Consulate at Takao > Pier-2 Art Center > Sizihwan Sunset > Ruifeng Night Market > Stay in Kaohsiung


Kaohsiung > Duolai Train Station > Pipa Lake > Xiao Yeliu > Taitung History Museum > Tiehua Music Village > Stay in Taitung


Taitung > Luye High Land > Brown Boulevard > Chihshang Big Rice Paddy > Rueisuei Ranch > Guangfu Sugar Factory > Lintianshan Pig Feet Feast > Stay in Hualien


Hualien > Qixingtan > Taroko National Park (Baiyang Trail/Shakadang Trail/Eternal Spring Shrine/Swallow Grotto/Changchun Shrine/Gate of Taroko) > Nanfang'ao Scenic Area > Luodong Forestry Culture Park > Luodong Night Market > Stay in Jiaoxi Hot Springs, Yilan


Yilan > Jimmy Park > Diefu Train Station > Tangweigou Hot Springs Park > Jiufen Old Street > Shifen Sky Lanterns > Stay in Taipei



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