About Us

Here is the story,


In 2014, starting from a homestay in Hualien, starting with an orange-colored shop cat, receiving travelers from all over the world, we found that the most important thing in the journey is the connection between people, holding the idea of ​​"making friends". Sincerely, the days of taking tenants to play in the mountains and waters began.

In 2016, "Orange Cat(TTtrips) Chartered Car Tour" was established to train its own drivers and receive travelers from all over the world. Through customer evaluations, the quality of drivers and vehicles is strictly controlled, and only the best are retained. We not only want to share our beautiful treasure island with you, we also hope to create a story that belongs to you and Taiwan together with you.

In 2020, Orange Cat(TTtrips) has entered its fifth year of providing tour charter services. It has thoroughly explored all the private attractions in Taiwan, and officially joined the outdoor travel itinerary with the theme of "sailing, mountains, and yoga" to further explore our land in Taiwan. Therefore, the main axis of Orange Cat's product is very simple, that is, to run outdoors, and the second is to sweat and move. Take you to enjoy the real nature spiritually, but also to exercise the health of the body, and the more you move, the happier you are.

For the next wonderful vacation, stay away from the distractions of mobile phones, and let Orange Cat(TTtrips) take you and your family out of the house. Sincerely invite you to become our partners in the mountains and waters.