Yilan 1-day local features tour - Sanshing spring onion/ Dong Shan River/ Jiaoxi jot spring/ Luodong night market

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Yilan one-day tour charter route introduction


• Family Outing Route A
Yilan > Vanilla Feifei > Kavalan Distillery > Shengyang Aquatic Plants > Bajia Fishing Farm > Jimmy Square > Accommodation in Yilan

• Friends' Gathering Route B
Yilan > Kavalan Distillery > Yilan Agriculture and Animal Farm > Luodong Sports Park > Luodong Forest Area > Luodong Night Market > Accommodation in Yilan

• Parent-Child Fun Route C
Yilan > Dongshan River Water Park > Duck Boat Ride > Traditional Arts Center > Crayon Painting Museum > Tiger Brand Rice Noodles

• Route D for Multiple Enjoyment
Yilan > Tiansongpi Train Station > Green Onion Culture Museum > Sanxing Scallion Pancake DIY (Scallion Farm Experience in Congzailiao) > Wushigang > Jiaoxi Tangweigou Hot Spring Park > Accommodation in Yilan

► Duration: One-day tour

► Itinerary Time: 10 hours

► Location: Yilan

► Driver's Language: Mandarin Chinese

Features of Yilan chartered bus routes

1. Customized charter tours in Yilan with professional drivers picking you up directly from your hotel, reducing transit time and significantly enhancing the quality of your travel experience.

2. Explore various distinctive attractions in Yilan, such as Vanilla Feifei, Kavalan Distillery, Dongshan River Water Park, Luodong Night Market, and more. The diverse array of destinations allows for flexible combinations.

3. Experience the unique towns and culture of Yilan: Wujie Township, Sanxing Township, and Luodong Township.

4. Learn more about Jiufen/North Coast/Yilan

5.Departures from Taipei are available for an additional fee!

Trip cost

Chartered car cost

 Starting from NT$ 5,500

 Nine-seater VAN, the most comfortable for 7 people
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Fee included

 1. Driver's service fee, fuel costs, toll fees, parking fees, insurance fees.

2. Driver's accommodation and meal expenses (Note: This itinerary does not include accommodation costs).

3. 10 hours of vehicle usage fees.

4. Chinese-speaking driver-guide for vehicles with nine seats or fewer; for larger vehicles, an additional guide can be arranged upon inquiry with customer service.

5. Pickup service from hotels and homestays in Taipei City.

6. Complimentary use of onboard amenities.

Not included

 1. Accommodation expenses, meal costs, entrance fees, and other personal expenses.

2. Additional expenses incurred due to force majeure such as traffic delays, strikes, weather conditions, flight delays or changes, aircraft malfunctions, or flight cancellations.

3. Night service fee: For vehicle and driver-guide services between 22:00 and 07:00 local time, an additional night service fee of NT$500 per day will be payable on-site.

4. If, during the actual itinerary, the client's exploration time exceeds the 10-hour standard service range, overtime fees will apply. Clients are required to pay the overtime fee directly to the driver-guide.

* Driver-guide refers to a driver who also serves as a guide.

Overtime charges

1. 9-seater VAN and below: NT$500 per hour.

2. 9-seater large van and above: NT$1000 per hour.

Car charter consultation

For other models, dates or other itineraries, please contact customer service

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Itinerary introduction

▲ Luodong Night Market Delicacies: Peanut Roll Ice Cream, Sanxing Scallion Pancake, Lamb Soup, Stinky Tofu Fries.


►Vanilla Feifei

Vanilla Feifei was established to promote aromatic plants, covering an area of over 4,000 square meters. It features a 1,600-square-meter indoor greenhouse, outdoor gardens, and landscaped spaces. The facility also includes a buffet restaurant for dining and afternoon tea. Visitors can leisurely absorb knowledge about flowers and plants in this tranquil setting.

(Attribution: leolyz)

►Kavalan Whisky Distillery

Kavalan Whisky Distillery is a tourism factory that offers free tours. The brewing team utilizes the pure water sources from the Central Mountain Range and the Snow Mountain Range for the distillation process, giving birth to rich and mellow whiskies. The distillery has earned accolades such as the Silver Medal at the SWSC World Whisky and the IWSC San Francisco International Wine & Spirits Competition. Visitors can observe the whisky manufacturing process and enjoy on-site whisky tasting experiences at the distillery. Cheers!

(Attribution: Tzuhsun Hsu)


►Shengyang Aquatic Plants Leisure Farm

The Shengyang Aquatic Plants Leisure Farm covers a total area of five hectares, designed with minimalist elements such as glass and metal structures to minimize environmental impact. The farm features aquatic plant cultivation areas, a water plant cultural center, and offers the opportunity to taste creative dishes made with aquatic plants. Visitors can also purchase unique aquatic plant products at the farm.


(Attribution: Ren Kuo)


►Jimmy square

Jimmy Square is a well-known Taiwanese illustrator who has published renowned works such as "The Smiling Fish," "Turn Left, Turn Right," and "Starry Starry Night." These pieces have been transformed into large-scale installation art, situated in Jimmy Square. Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of these illustrations, creating a unique experience where they can truly feel the stories unfolding.


(Attribution: Jerry Lai)

►Samsung scallion pancake DIY

Sanxing Township, blessed with abundant rainfall and the clear, uncontaminated waters of the Lanyang River, is an excellent location for cultivating scallions. The local scallions are renowned for their quality and are considered the best in Taiwan. At the Congzailiao Experiential Farm, you can engage in a complete scallion experience, from harvesting and washing scallions to making scallion pancakes through a hands-on DIY process. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the actual conditions of the natural ecology.


(Attribution: Outlookxp)


►Tangweigou Jiaosi Hot Spring Park

Jiaoxi Township is renowned for its hot springs, fueled by underground magma residues from a volcanic eruption around 30,000 years ago. This geological phenomenon has caused the subsurface rock layers to generate high temperatures. Situated within the volcanic eruption zone, Jiaoxi Township has become a hub for hot spring resorts and hotels. The Jiaoxi Tangweigou Hot Spring Park features free public baths, along with nearby facilities such as hot spring observation wells, a small theater, and shops. It is a highly recommended and unique attraction for visitors to explore.


(Attribution: Yusuke Kawasaki)


►Luodong Night Market

Luodong Night Market is undoubtedly a must-visit attraction for all tourists in Yilan. In addition to many well-known Taiwanese snacks, you should not miss Yilan's distinctive local delicacies at the night market: duck sausage, heart-shaped tapioca pearls, rice cake scraps, and pork knuckles. These offerings provide a unique and delightful night market experience.


(Attribution: Chi-Hung Lin)


►Dongshan River Water Park

Dongshan River Water Park serves as the venue for the famous Yilan Children's Festival held annually. Even outside the festival period, the park is open to visitors. Along the banks of the Dongshan River, there is a dedicated bike trail, allowing cyclists to enjoy the scenic views along the river. Additionally, there are options for water activities, such as water buses or duck boat rides on the Dongshan River, providing an alternative perspective to appreciate the diverse landscapes.


(Attribution: P1340)

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