Nantou 1-Day Tour - Sun Moon Lake. Formosan National Culture Village

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Sun Moon Lake Charter Route

Nantou > Sun Moon Lake Boat Tour (Shuishe/Xuanguang Temple/Ita Thao) > Sun Moon Lake Ropeway > Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village > Wenwu Temple > Overnight stay in Nantou.

► Duration: One-day tour
► Itinerary Time: 10 hours
► Location: Taipei
► Driver Language: Mandarin Chinese

1. Customized chauffeured tours in Taipei, where professional drivers pick you up from your hotel, reducing transit time and significantly enhancing the quality of your travel experience.

2. Explore Nantou, a renowned destination in Taiwan, visiting the iconic Sun Moon Lake. Enjoy a boat tour on the lake, take a cable car ride, and experience the indigenous culture at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

3. Immerse yourself in the most representative indigenous culture of Taiwan.

4. TTtrips privately recommends the must-eat and must-visit attractions in Sun Moon Lake

Trip cost

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 Nine-seater VAN, the most comfortable for 7 people
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Fee included

 1. Driver service fee, fuel cost, toll fees, parking fees, insurance fees.

2. Driver's accommodation and meal expenses (No accommodation fee for this itinerary).

3. 10-hour vehicle usage fee.

4. Chinese-speaking driver cum guide for vehicles with up to nine seats (inclusive). For larger vehicles, additional guide services can be inquired with customer service.

5. Taipei city hotel and bed-and-breakfast doorstep pickup.

6. Complimentary use of onboard amenities.

Not included

1. Accommodation expenses, meal costs, entrance fees, and other personal expenses.

2. Additional charges due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic delays, strikes, weather conditions, flight delays or changes, aircraft malfunctions, or any other force majeure events.

3. Night service fee: For vehicle and guide services used between 22:00 and 07:00 local time, an on-site payment of NT$ 500/day for the driver's nighttime service fee.

4. If, during the actual itinerary, the client's sightseeing time exceeds the standard 10-hour service range, an overtime fee will be incurred. Clients are required to pay the overtime fee directly to the driver-guide.

* Driver-guide refers to a driver who also serves as a guide.

Overtime charges

1. 9-seater VAN includes the following NT $ 500/hour

2. 9-seater large T including above NT $ 1000/hour

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Sun Moon Lake Food and Attractions

Datashao Old Street: Datashao is a tribal village of the indigenous Thao people. The Datashao shopping street is now the most bustling area around Sun Moon Lake. Here, you can savor various local delicacies, including stone-grilled pork, stuffed tofu, Korean cabbage wraps, chicken wings with rice, and more. It's also a great place to shop for souvenirs and take a break.

Itinerary introduction

► Sun Moon Lake Boat Tour (Shuishe/Xuanguang Temple/Datashao)

Sun Moon Lake, a combination of Riyuetan and Yuetan, is renowned for its unique and beautiful scenery. It has become a beloved destination for tourists due to the distinct charm of both "Sun" and "Moon" lakes. Alongside Alishan, it stands as one of the two must-visit attractions in southern Taiwan. One of the essential activities when visiting Sun Moon Lake is taking a boat tour. This allows you to explore the breathtaking scenery of Taiwan's largest natural lake and admire the distinctive landscapes of various piers.

(Attribution: Eddy Tsai)

►Sun Moon Lake Cable Car

The cable car spans a total length of 1,877 meters, shuttling between the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway. A one-way journey takes only seven minutes, making it the fastest transportation method to reach the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Moreover, it provides a spectacular aerial view, allowing you to capture the beauty of Sun Moon Lake from high above.

(Attribution: Bernard Gagnon)

► Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a diverse amusement park centered around Taiwan's indigenous cultures. In addition to various thrilling rides such as the suspended roller coaster, free fall, and river rafting, the park also features indigenous performances for your enjoyment. This allows you to have a great time while experiencing the rich cultures of Taiwan's indigenous peoples.

► Wenwu Temple

Wenwu Temple features architectural elements from the Northern Dynasties of China. The main hall, known as the Dacheng Hall, is the only Confucian temple in Taiwan that enshrines a bronze statue of Confucius. Flanking the temple's front plaza are two enormous vermilion stone lions, catching the attention of visitors as they enter. From the observation platform at the rear hall, one can also enjoy a panoramic view of the majestic scenery of Sun Moon Lake.

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