Miyako Island and Ishigaki Island day trip




Miyako Island and Ishigaki Island day trip

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Miyako Island

Day Trip

Domestic Airport / Terminal > Irabu Ohashi Bridge > Cape Nishi Hennazaki > Secret spot 17END

Stay in Miyakojima Island Hotel

Ishigaki Island

Day Trip

Yashima Ferry Terminal > Kabira Bay > Hirakubo Saki Todai > Tamatorizaki Tenbodai > Sumibi-Yakiniku Ishigakiya or Seafood in Ishigaki

Stay in Ishigakijima Island or Miyakojima Island Hotel



Miyako Island Day Trip:Domestic Airport / Terminal > Irabu Ohashi Bridge > Cape Nishi Hennazaki > Secret spot 17END



Irabu Ohashi Bridge



This bridge is free to cross, and with a total length of 3,540m, it boasts to be the longest bridge in Japan. A play on words is hidden in its name by the way of “Coral Island”. At 40-years old, this bridge is now one of the most popular photo spots of Miyako Island.



Cape Nishi Hennazaki



The more serene Cape Nishi-Hennazaki, located on the northwestern tip of Miyako Island, offers views of Irabu Island to the left, and Ikema Island and Ikema Bridge to the right. Drive cape to cape to fully experience the exquisite beauty of the island.



Secret spot 17END



Located at the tip of Shimoji-jima Airport, this popular beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Miyako Islands.
At low tide, a pure white sandy beach appears, and the infinitely transparent sea spreads out to the shore.
The unique name is derived from an aviation term, and you can see the moments when planes take off and land up close.
The surrounding roads are currently closed to vehicles.



Ishigaki Island Day Trip:Yashima Ferry Terminal > Kabira Bay > Hirakubo Saki Todai > Tamatorizaki Tenbodai > Sumibi-Yakiniku Ishigakiya or Seafood in Ishigaki



Yashima Ferry Terminal



An important harbor located in Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture. The harbor management unit is Ishigaki City. It is the southernmost important port in Japan and has become the central port of the Yaeyama Islands.



Kabira Bay



Kabira Bay is located on the north coast of Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Renowned for its white sands, turquoise waters and dense vegetation, the bay forms part of the Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park. Alongside Mount Omoto, it has been designated a Place of Scenic Beauty. Black pearls are cultured in the bay.



Hirakubo Saki Todai



You can overlook the East China Sea. Because it is a protruding peninsula, the view is very wide and can accommodate a complete horizon. If the weather conditions are good, the scenery of Hirakubosaki Lighthouse will never disappoint.



Tamatorizaki Tenbodai



This elevated observation deck offers views of the bay, coral reefs and lush surroundings.



Ishigaki beef



Ishigaki beef is a Japanese Black cattle, bred and fattened in Yaeyama District, Okinawa, Japan (see Basic Information for more detail about requirements). Okinawa is southernmost resort islands in Japan attracting many visitors for its distinctive culture and beautiful sea with corals and colorful tropical fish.


Ishigaki beef has a long history, but it became very popular in Japan when it was served as main dish in the 26th G8 summit held in Nago, Okinawa in 2000. Most Ishigaki beef is consumed in Okinawa because of limited availability; only 600-800 cattle is produced every year.



Sumibi-Yakiniku Ishigakiya




Seafood in Ishigaki




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