Kyushu Kagoshima Onsen One-day Tour






Kyushu Kagoshima Onsen One-day Tour

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Day 1 Arimura Lava Observatory > Sakurajima Nagisa Foot Bath Park  > Shiroyama Observatory > Kagoshima Jingu Shrine 

Stay in Myoken Ishiharaso

or Orihashi Hotel



Hot Spring Kingdom Kagoshima has 2,730 hot spring sources which is the second largest number in Japan!
Furthermore, Kagoshima is the only place in the world where you can experience a "natural" steam sand bath.


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Arimura Lava Observatory




The observatory is located along a 1-km trail on a small hill in the lava field created by the great 1946 eruption. From here there is a clear view of impressive Sakurajima, the world famous active volcano, and Kinko Bay. As the observatory is close to the crater of the steep, cone shaped South Peak, you may hear roaring or explosive sounds from the crater that give quite a different impression of Sakurajima.




Sakurajima Nagisa Foot Bath Park



“Sakurajima” Yogan Nagisa Park is situated on the shore, an eight minute walk from Sakurajima Port. There is a 100-m long footbath, one of the longest in Japan, fed by a natural hot spring from 1,000 m underground is in the park. The terra-cotta colored water contains iron. Why not relieve your travel fatigue in the footbath while viewing Kinko Bay in front and Sakurajima behind?
You can purchase Sakurajima’s original towels at the Sakurajima Visitor Center and Rainbow Sakurajima Inn. 




Shiroyama Observatory



Shiroyama ("Castle Mountain") is a 107-meter hill located in the center of Kagoshima city. Its name comes from the fact that
it was once the site of a castle.
The 2-kilometer promenade to the observatory is filled with more than 600 species of plants.
Though located in an urban area, it is a treasure trove of nature populated by many birds and insects.
The observatory located at the end of the promenade is a magnificent photo spot overlooking Mt. Sakurajima and Kinko Bay.




Kagoshima Jingu Shrine 



This grand vermillion shrine is known for its colorful, carved exterior, which contrasts with the cedar forest around it. The shrine is close to Kirishima Jingu Station, a little over an hour from the city of Kagoshima by train. This is actually a newer location for an ancient shrine near Mt. Takachiho. The original shrine suffered repeated damage from volcanic eruptions, and was rebuilt at the current site in 1715. The shrine is steeped in mythology. It is believed that Ninigi no Mikoto, the grandson of the sun goddess Amaterasu, first descended from Heaven to rule the Earth at the site of the original shrine. He was said to have married a local princess and produced the lineage that would become the Japanese imperial family.




Myoken Ishiharaso



An onsen ryokan situated along the Amori River Valley at the foot of Kirishima. The rustic openair bath is popular. 




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Myoken Ishiharaso





Orihashi Hotel



Orihashi became widely known during the Satsuma Rebellion (1877) as wounded soldiers soaked in the onsen and spread the word about its great healing power. Thereafter, the inn has thrived as a beloved luxury ryokan for the many guests including artists. From generation to generation, the spirit of hospitality has been passed down by our female innkeepers. We respectfully maintain the quaint atmosphere in this new era of Orihashi.

Our neighborhood offers a variety of sightseeing spots,  ranging from a national park and an archeological site to shrines and local delicacies producers.



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Orihashi Hotel



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