Tainan historical heritage 1-day tour - Chimei Museum/ Anping Old Fort

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⊛ Suitable for family travel with both elders and children.
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⊛ Ideal for those who lack time to plan their itinerary and transportation.

Introduction to Tainan chartered bus routes


• Family Fun Itinerary A
Tainan > Chimei Museum > Ten Drum Cultural Village > Bamboo Rafting in Sihcao Green Tunnel > Tainan Local Snacks > Accommodation in Tainan

• Family Outing Itinerary B
Tainan > Chimei Museum > Tainan Confucius Temple > Crystal Church > Qigu Salt Pans > Huayuan Night Market > Accommodation in Tainan

• Classic Itinerary Route C
Tainan > Chihkan Tower > Teck Guan Cocoa Museum (德記洋行) > Anping Tree House/Anping Fort/Anping Old Street > Yizai Golden Castle > Zhou's Shrimp Rolls > Accommodation in Tainan




►Number of travel days: one-day tour

►Travel time: 10 hours

►Location: Tainan

►The driver can speak: Chinese


Features of Tainan chartered bus routes

1. Customized chauffeured tours in Tainan, with professional drivers picking you up directly from your hotel to reduce transit time and significantly enhance the quality of your travel experience.

2. Explore various distinctive attractions in Tainan, such as Chimei Museum, Tainan Confucius Temple, Anping Fort, and Chihkan Tower. The diverse range of attractions allows for flexible combinations according to your preferences.

3. Immerse yourself in the historical and cultural heritage of Tainan, gaining insights into Taiwan's rich history.

4. Explore more of Tainan

Trip cost

Chartered car cost

 Starting from NT$ 5,500 

 Nine-seater VAN, the most comfortable for 7 people
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Fee included

1. Guide service fee, fuel fee, tolls, parking fees, insurance fees.

2. Guide accommodation and meal expenses (No accommodation fee for this itinerary).

3. 10 hours of vehicle usage fee.

4. Chinese-speaking driver-guide for vehicles with nine seats or fewer. For larger vehicles, additional inquiry for a separate guide is available through customer service.

5. Taipei city hotel or bed-and-breakfast door-to-door pickup service.

6. Complimentary use of onboard amenities.

Not included

1. Accommodation expenses, meal costs, entrance fees, and other personal expenditures.

2. Additional expenses incurred due to force majeure events such as traffic delays, strikes, weather conditions, flight delays or changes, and mechanical failures.

3. Night service fee: For vehicle and guide services used between 22:00 and 07:00 local time, an on-site payment of NT$500/day for the guide's night service fee is required.

4. If during the actual itinerary, the customer's sightseeing time exceeds the standard 10-hour service range, an overtime fee will be incurred. Customers are required to pay the guide directly in cash.

*Guide = Driver-guide (combined role)

Overtime charges

1. 9-seater VAN and below: NT$500 per hour.

2. 9-seater large minibus and above: NT$1000 per hour.

Car charter consultation

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Itinerary introduction

▲ Tainan Delicacies: Mullet Roe Fish, Bowl Rice Cake, Minced Pork Rice, Beef Soup, Tan Tsai Noodles, Eel Noodle Soup.



The CHIMEI MUSEUM, from its exterior, resembles a European palace, with a large Apollo-shaped fountain pool in the front plaza. On the bridge leading to the museum stand 12 statues of the main gods from the Temple of Olympus, creating an impressive and majestic atmosphere. The museum is a comprehensive institution showcasing a diverse collection, including Western art, musical instruments, weaponry, and animal specimens.

Attribution: lienyuan lee


▼Fountain of Apollo

Attribution: Yen(yenlife007)

►Tainan Confucius Temple

As Taiwan's earliest Confucian temple, during the early Qing Dynasty, it was the only place in Taiwan where young students could receive education, hence its nickname "Taiwan's First School." The brick-red building, surrounded by lush greenery, exudes a divine atmosphere. This place has unmistakably become a landmark in Tainan, representing the essence of its cultural spirit.


Attribution: Ynto5304


►Anping Old Fort

Anping Old Fort is a fortress that once existed in Tainan, Taiwan. Originally established during the Dutch colonial period, it served as the central hub for Dutch rule in Taiwan and was known as Fort Zeelandia. Over the Qing and Japanese colonial eras, the original Fort Zeelandia was reduced to dilapidated walls, designated as a first-class historical site. The Western-style building of Anping Old Fort, constructed during the Japanese colonial period, acquired its name after the restoration of Taiwan. In 1953, the red brick and tile structure of the fort, illuminated by the setting sun during dusk, created the picturesque scene known as "Anping Sunset Glow," earning it a place among Taiwan's Eight Views at that time.


►Chikan Tower

Chihkan Tower, originally built by the Dutch in 1652, was initially known as Fort Provintia. The local Han Chinese referred to it as the "Red-Haired Fortress." During the period of Zheng regime, traditional Chinese-style pavilions and towers gradually replaced the original Dutch-style fortress architecture. Today, the original appearance is no longer discernible. Visiting this site allows you not only to experience the remnants of historical and cultural heritage but also to indulge in local cuisine nearby!

Attribution: Tess1223


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