Kaohsiung Day Tour - Xiziwan. Qijin. Pier-2 Art Center

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Introduction to Kaohsiung one-day charter bus route


Itinerary Route: Kaohsiung > Xizi Bay > Cijin Port > Cijin Lighthouse > National Sun Yat-sen University > Cijin Seafood Street > Cijin Windmill Park > Cijin Coastal Park > Pier-2 Art Center > Accommodation in Kaohsiung

► Duration: One-day tour

► Itinerary Time: 10 hours

► Location: Kaohsiung

► Driver's Language: Mandarin Chinese

Kaohsiung one-day tour charter route features

1. Customized chauffeur tour in Kaohsiung, with a professional driver picking you up directly from your hotel to reduce transit time and significantly enhance the quality of your travel experience.

2. Explore the surrounding attractions of Kaohsiung in-depth, visiting prominent locations such as Xizi Bay, Cijin Port, Cijin Lighthouse, and National Sun Yat-sen University.

3. Experience the coastal charm of southern Taiwan.

4.TTtrips privately recommends Kaohsiung’s must-eat and must-visit attractions

Trip cost

Chartered car cost

Starting from NT$ 5,500

 Nine-seater VAN, the most comfortable for 7 people
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Fee included

1. Guide service fee, fuel costs, toll fees, parking fees, insurance fees.

2. Guide's accommodation and meal expenses (no accommodation fee for this itinerary).

3. 10 hours of vehicle usage fee.

4. Chinese-speaking driver and guide for vehicles with up to nine seats; for larger vehicles, additional guide services can be inquired with customer service.

5. Door-to-door pickup service from hotels and guesthouses in Taipei City.

6. Complimentary use of on-board amenities.

Not included

1. Accommodation expenses, meal costs, entrance fees, and other personal expenses.

2. Additional expenses incurred due to force majeure events such as traffic delays, strikes, weather conditions, flight delays or changes, aircraft malfunctions, or flight cancellations.

3. Night service fee: For vehicle and guide services used between 22:00 and 07:00 local time, an on-site payment of NT$500 per night will be applied.

4. If, during the actual itinerary, the client's sightseeing time exceeds the standard 10-hour service range, overtime fees will be incurred, and clients are required to pay the overtime fee directly to the driver-guide.

*Driver-guide refers to a professional who serves both as a driver and a guide.

Overtime charges

1. 9-seater VAN and below: NT$500 per hour.

2. 9-seater large van and above: NT$1000 per hour.

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Itinerary introduction

▲ Cijin Island Delicacies: Seafood, Ginger-Tomato Soup, Meat Soup, Sweet Potato Pancake, Seafood Shaved Ice



Xiziwan is renowned for its stunning sunset views and natural rock formations. The area includes attractions such as Xiziwan Seawater Bathing Area, the Waterfront Park, and the former British Consulate at Takao. Visitors can enjoy coastal scenery and panoramic views of Kaohsiung Harbor.


Cijin is a district under the jurisdiction of Kaohsiung City in Taiwan, located on Qijin Island in the southwest part of the city. To reach Cijin, one must pass through the underwater Qijin Tunnel, which is approximately 1670 meters long and is Taiwan's first underwater tunnel. Alternatively, visitors can take a ferry from Gushan Ferry Terminal to Cijin. Popular attractions in Cijin include the Cijin Lighthouse, Cijin Rainbow Church, and Cijin Seawater Bathing Area.

►National Sun Yat-sen University

The university located near Xiziwan is surrounded by Xizi Bay and mountains. During students' break time, they can relax and enjoy the coastal scenery along the riverside trail within the campus, making it arguably one of the happiest schools.

►​Qijin Windmill Park

Qijin Windmill Park is the first tourist, leisure, and environmentally friendly wind power park in Kaohsiung and Taiwan. In the park, seven windmills generate electricity daily using wind power. The entire park's lighting load capacity only consumes about 18,800 watts per hour, roughly enough to illuminate for about four hours and twenty minutes, from 6 PM to 10 PM every night. The park features a coastal walkway, spacious lawns, two plazas capable of hosting concerts for a thousand people, and a cafe providing a relaxing space for visitors to enjoy beverages.

(Attribution: khh.travel)

►The Pier-2 Art Center

Every holiday, it always attracts families, locals, and photographers. In addition to the abundant installation art, there are many independent small shops here. Even Eslite Bookstore has a branch here. It's convenient to take the light rail after visiting the Shin Kong Pier. A must-visit landmark for Kaohsiung tourism!

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If a customer cancels the trip due to personal reasons, the fees will be processed according to the standard regulations of the "Standard Contract for Outbound Tourism" issued by the Tourism Bureau:

- Cancellation 41 days or more before departure: 5% service fee on the total tour cost.
- Cancellation 31 to 40 days before departure: 10% service fee on the total tour cost.
- Cancellation 21 to 30 days before departure: 20% service fee on the total tour cost.
- Cancellation 2 to 20 days before departure: 30% service fee on the total tour cost.
- Cancellation 1 day before departure: 50% service fee on the total tour cost.
- Cancellation on the day of departure, exceeding the meeting time, leaving the group for personal reasons, or failure to inform non-participation will not be eligible for a refund.

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