1D Yalin Outdoor Yoga

Practicing yoga can purify the body, bring strength, perseverance and tranquility to the mind, so that we can be closer to nature in the city, Orange Cat Outdoor Yoga Experience Camp, are you ready?



09:50~ 10:00 Admission

10:00~ 12:00 Rituals of life

12:00~ 14:00 Meal set

14:00~ 15:00 Hand Brewed Coffee Teaching

15:00~ 16:30 Nature Yoga Experience (Basic Yoga Course YOGA BASIC)

16:30~ Happy Time/Photography (Outdoor)/Dressing up


Nature Yoga Experience (Basic Yoga Course YOGA BASIC)

Are you busy with your work life and have been under stress for a long time?

Or is it often inexplicable anxiety, nervousness, and non-stop brain rotation, unable to relax and sleep well?

In this class, I will follow Mr. Nico, and give myself a little time to calm down.

relax the body

relax your head

more relax your mind

Use breathing to drive stretching and Lajin, and listen to your body and inner voice

It will be a self-relaxing healing journey

You will find it is so easy to relax

During the course, teacher Niko will take everyone to enter the yoga practice step by step safely.

In the romantic phytoncide atmosphere of nature, take off with peace of mind, play yoga, and then land safely.


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Fee includes

Transportation fee, lunch, teacher hourly fee, venue rental, insurance