Yilan Guishan Island Milk Sea Water Sports Experience (FIT Group)


If you got a few people only, We also provide Single Registration tour for you guys.

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Hello everyone
Here is the place for single registration for the Milk Sea SUP itinerary. I hope that the TTtrips partners will have the opportunity to travel by sailboat to the Turtle Island this year without book a expensive charter boat.

BUT there are too many reasons to cancel the trip in the end: weather, epidemic, temporary withdrawal of people, etc., I hope that all partners can abide by our common rules before signing up. The rest Leave it to us, and TTtrips will try its best to help everyone get a chance sailing to milk sea.

To Friends who live outside the north, don’t book your accommodation in Yilan too early. We will make the final confirmation of the group trip 2 days before. We don’t want you to waste any unnecessary cancellation fees, and we hope that you can enjoy water fun and sun every time you go, bringing back a ton of beautiful photos and memory.

Registration fee: NT 3,800/person

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Gathering time: 30 minutes in advance (change into clothes)

Meeting point: Yilan Wushi Harbor Yacht Wharf

Group size: 6 people into a group

Ships arranged: brand new French Jeanneau monohull sailing yacht SUN ODYSSEY 349 Ocean Orange Cat

Equipment on board: magic carpet, SUP, avocado swimming ring and small swimming pool

Fees include: SUP basic teaching, life jacket, water, insurance

The fee does not include: transportation



1. After registration, the helper will take the initiative to notify the LINE group. Please pay attention to whether you receive any strange messages or calls.

2. If the trip cannot be carried out due to insufficient number of people, you can change the session or refund the full amount without interest. In order to ensure the rights and interests of other passengers, the tour cannot be rescheduled or canceled after confirmation, and those who reschedule and cancel will be handled in accordance with the refund rules.

3. This itinerary is not a professional 1-on-1 SUP group, and the water props need to be used by group members in turn.

*Refund policy

1. Full refund if canceled 14 days ago, no refund within 14 days

2. In case of typhoon warning, strong wind, or weather factors above 2 meters, Orange Cat will make a final confirmation of whether the trip is possible 2 days before departure. Based on the forecast of the Central Meteorological Bureau, Orange Cat has the right to reschedule or cancel the trip and refund in full fee.