Dream Milk Lake SUP experience sail to Turtle Mountain Island(YACHT CHARTER)

Guishan Island in Yilan is an active volcano, and hot springs are constantly gushing out from the bottom of the sea every day. When the high-temperature sulfur springs are mixed with the sea water, the sea surface will show a gradation of milky white and sky blue, extending all the way to half the coastline of Guishan. The beauty of this is the origin of the "sea of milk". From May to September, the weather is hot and the wind and waves are stable. It is the most suitable day for sailing. This summer, take the orange cat sailboat, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and deeply experience the life of the ocean and island, and give your busy self a summer vacation. This itinerary is suitable for groups of children and adults. From today onwards, the free journey of spiritual cleansing will set sail for you from the days at sea.



Depart from Yilan Wushi Port Yachting Wharf, take a yacht sailboat, sail to the small island of Guishan, and enjoy the undisturbed island ocean scenery.


Departure from Wushi Port Terminal~

Welcome to the sunrise at sea (dawn sunrise tour)

Go around the island and play in the water (water group in the morning)

Watch the Romantic Sunset (Sunset Sea Breeze)

~Return to Wushi Port Wharf

Meeting point: Yilan Wushi Port Yachting Pier (please arrive 15 minutes early)


Choose a session

Sunrise 04:00-08:00

Morning 07:30-12:00

Sunset 13:30-18:00


Basic charter: 1 professional SUP instructor, 6 SUPs, life jackets, floating blankets, mineral water, insurance

Package charter: 1 professional aerial photography plane photographer, 1 professional SUP coach, cool Taihu Brewing ice beer combination, happy summer snack surprise package, 6 SUPs, life jackets, floating blankets, mineral water, insurance


Sailboat Charter Price




Basic charter/TWD Package charter/TWD

total price

per person

total price

per person

Large cat







Mini cat







  ● If you have customized needs, please contact the customer service assistant directly (Maggie)


If you got a few people only, We also provide Single Registration tour for you guys.

Date : 7/30(Sat) Sunrise、8/3(Wed) Morning

Hello everyone
Here is the place for single registration for the Milk Sea SUP itinerary. I hope that the TTtrips partners will have the opportunity to travel by sailboat to the Turtle Island this year without book a expensive charter boat.

BUT there are too many reasons to cancel the trip in the end: weather, epidemic, temporary withdrawal of people, etc., I hope that all partners can abide by our common rules before signing up. The rest Leave it to us, and TTtrips will try its best to help everyone get a chance sailing to milk sea.

To Friends who live outside the north, don’t book your accommodation in Yilan too early. We will make the final confirmation of the group trip 3 days before. We don’t want you to waste any unnecessary cancellation fees, and we hope that you can enjoy water fun and sun every time you go, bringing back a ton of beautiful photos and memory.

Registration fee: NT4,500/person
Any Questions? Contact us here : https://line.me/ti/p/X86m2Mp3BI 




Package tours or individual package itinerary products are applicable to the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of China. When you complete the itinerary, you agree and accept domestic tourism formalization contract agreement

Please Note Before Resisrer


● The actual meeting time is subject to the pre-departure notice
● Whether you can take photos in the milk sea depends on the wave conditions on the day
● If participants are under the age of 20, a parent or guardian's permission is required
● To participate in the sailing experience on Guishan Island in Yilan, you need to prepare an ID card or passport for random inspection by the coast patrol personnel
● Guishan Island Sailing Experience in Yilan If the equipment on board is damaged, relevant parts and installation fees will be charged
● Due to the strong current in the milk area, the captain will adjust the itinerary according to the wind and wave conditions.
● All bookings for chartered boat activities are based on the full boat reservation system. We will make arrangements according to the order of registration and payment. Those who have not paid the fee will not reserve the number of boat classes.
● If you buy a set chartered boat photography itinerary, when the weather is bad and cannot be taken empty, the photography will be based on portrait boat photography. Note: Photos are not retouched.

Pick the date and session then directly contact us via LINE

● If you need an extension, please inform one month in advance. Cancellation before 30 days will result in a full refund (minus 5% of the administrative fee), cancellation 15-30 days before will charge 50% of the fee, and no refund will be given within 14 days.
● In the event of a typhoon warning, strong wind and waves and other weather factors, Orange Cat will make a final confirmation 3 days before departure. According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Bureau, if the waves are higher than 1.5 meters or gusts of level 6 or above, the Orange Cat will have The right to reschedule or cancel the trip with a full refund.
● In case of other force majeure factors such as: mechanical failure of the boat, full refund without interest or assistance to find another ship to support the sailing, but if the cost of the other ship is higher than the cost of the own ship, the excess part will be shared equally by both parties.
● If the Central Epidemic Prevention Command Center issues a three-level COVID-19 alert to restrict sailing, a full refund without interest will be given.