Danang and Hoi An 4 days 3 nights package





Danang and Hoi An 4 days 3 nights package

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Flight to Da Nang International Airport suggest schedule

Airline Flight Departure Number Departure Time Flight Arrival Number Arrival Time
CI 789 14:30 CI 790 17:35
BR 383 09:45 BR 384 14:10
JX 701 10:30 JX 704 18:00



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Day 1

Da Nang Airport > Son Tra > Linh Ung Pagoda >  The Marble Mountains

Stay in hotel in Da Nang
Day 2

Ba Na Hills > Dragon Bridge > Love Bridge > APEC Park

Stay in hotel in Da Nang
Day 3

Bay Mau > Thu Bon River > Hoi An > Light up by boat

Stay in hotel in Hoi An
Day 4

Free travel activities > Da Nang Airport > Taoyuan International Airport

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The itinerary included: The itinerary does not included:

+ Government tax and service charge

+ 24/7 hotline support

+ Meals mentioned in the itinerary

+ English or Chinese tour guide

+ Entrance fees to all attractions mentioned in the itinerary

+ Pickup car

+ Ba Na Hills Cable Car Ticket

+ Hotel in Da Nang or an equivalent hotel

4 star hotel:Maximilan Danang Beach Hotel


+ Hotel in Hoi An or an equivalent hotel

4 star hotel:Hoi An Memories Resort & Spa

5 star hotel:Palm Garden Resort - Hoi An

+ Early check-in and late check-out

+ Tips for tour guides, drivers, hotel staff, etc.

+ Personal expenses such as laundry, phone calls, drinks, etc.



Da Nang is the third largest city in Vietnam and the largest seaport city in central Vietnam. In Da Nang, you can visit Da Nang Museum, Marine Biology Museum, Da Nang Night Market and other attractions, and you can also go to the beach to relax.


Hoi An is one of the famous ancient cities in Vietnam and is listed as a world cultural heritage. In Hoi An, you can also taste local delicacies and participate in local traditional handicraft workshops.


If you have time, it is recommended that you spend a few days traveling between these three cities to experience the rich and colorful culture of Vietnam.






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Day 1 Pick up in Da Nang Airport > Son Tra > Linh Ung Pagoda > The Marble Mountains


When you arrive in Da Nang, you will be picked up from the airport and back to the hotel for a rest, and then you will be taken to have lunch. After lunch, you will be ready for the visit in the afternoon.


Son Tra



Son Tra is rated as a unique peninsula in Vietnam, occupies an important position in national defense and security, and has the only natural ecosystem accompanied by forests and oceans in Vietnam.


Son Tra is one of the famous resorts in central Vietnam. It is located about 15 kilometers east of  Da Nang City. It is a beautiful island. Known for its beautiful natural scenery, blue sea water and white sandy beaches, Son Tra Island is a place suitable for leisure and vacation.


Linh Ung Pagoda



Linh Ung Pagoda is located in a unique geographical location, with a vast and infinite space, backed by mountains and facing the East China Sea. The space of this temple has been integrated with nature.


Linh Ung Pagoda is a famous scenic spot in Da Nang City, Vietnam. It is located near the city center and is an ancient and historical temple. It was built in 1601 AD. It was originally a Buddhist temple and later also became a Taoist temple. Linh Ung Pagoda is one of the oldest wooden buildings in Vietnam. It is known as the "wooden treasure house" of Vietnam. Its unique architectural style combines elements of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. The building of Lingying Temple is divided into front hall, middle hall and back hall, each hall has its unique design and decoration.


You can enjoy exquisite carvings, delicate murals and various exquisite cultural relics, including stone tablets, bronze bells, bronze drums and so on. In addition, the temple is surrounded by beautiful gardens and lakes, allowing visitors to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time in the natural surroundings. Marble Mountain (Five Elements Mountain) is a group of five mountains, located about 9 kilometers southeast of Da Nang. The peaks here are of various shapes, including one called "Five Elements Mountain", which formed five marble hills or "mountains" named after the five elements of ancient Eastern philosophy, each corner representing the five elements (gold, wood, water, fire and earth), hence the name Five Elements Mountain. There are many caves, caves and Buddhist temples on the mountain with nice natural entrances and tunnels. Temples make the area a popular place of pilgrimage.



Day 2  Ba Na Hills > Dragon Bridge > Love Bridge > APEC Park



Ba Na Hills



Located in the Annam Mountains 25 km from the Truong Son Mountains, at an altitude of 1487 meters, a very mild climate, virgin forests, and awe-inspiring spectacular views of the bay and the Annam Mountains make Ba Na Hills the site of a French colony long ago. Ba Na Hills - Guinness World Records for the longest and highest double-deck cable car system.


Ba Na Hills is an alpine resort known for its spectacular scenery and theme parks. You will experience taking the cable car to the top of the mountain to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain, and you can also visit various theme parks and rides, such as French Village, Garden Disneyland, Mythical Castle and more.


Dragon Bridge



Dragon Bridge is located in the center of Da Nang. Its majestic dragon head and endless yellow tail span the Hàn River, with a total length of 666 meters and a width of 37.5 meters. The biggest feature of the bridge is a giant dragon at the head of the bridge, which is one of the largest dragon-shaped bridges in the world and one of the landmarks of Da Nang City. Opened in September 2013, the Da Nang Dragon Bridge was built to celebrate the 38th anniversary of the establishment of Da Nang City.


The flowing images are outlined with simple outlines, just like a beautiful visual feast. This majestic bridge even has a fire-breathing and water-spraying design, which is why it is favored by tourists from all over the world. The bridge is not only the transportation hub of Da Nang city, but also an important tourist attraction and city landmark. Every night, the lights on the bridge will be lit, and the dragon's eyes will glow red. The whole bridge is like a giant dragon winding on the Han River, which is very spectacular. If you want to take pictures as a souvenir, head to the riverside area to fully capture the whole picture of this yellow dragon.



Love Bridge



Love Bridge Love Bridge is located in the center of Da Nang, Vietnam. It is a pedestrian bridge across the Han River, about 120 meters long, connecting the two banks of Da Nang City. The bridge gets its name from the fact that it is a romantic place where couples express their love and make commitments.


The bridge is red, there are many heart-shaped decorations hanging on the bridge railings, and a large love heart is set in the center of the bridge, all of which create a romantic atmosphere and attract a large number of couples to visit and take pictures. Especially during Valentine's Day, romantic activities will be held on the bridge, attracting a large number of couples to participate, forming a very romantic scene.


APEC Park 



Da Nang APEC Park is located on the coastline of Da Nang City, Vietnam. It is a large park and recreational place. Covering an area of 60 hectares, the park is lined with trees, flowers and has many artificial lakes, fountains and sculptures. 


Opened in 2017, APEC Park was built to commemorate the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) leaders meeting hosted by Vietnam. One of the features of the park is the large stone sculptures, which represent the culture and traditions of the APEC member countries and are of great artistic value. In addition, there is an artificial river in the park, which can be visited by boat, and a large swimming pool for tourists to cool off and entertain.


Day 3 Bay Mau > Thu Bon River > Hoi An > Light up by boat


Thu Bon River



Tourists will start the wooden boat ride at Cua Dai Bridge in Hoi An, and take you to visit and explore the Bay Mau coconut forest in a round boat. Bay Mau coconut forest covers an area of about 7,000 hectares, making it one of the largest coconut forests in Vietnam. The coconut groves here are luxuriant and the swampy terrain is staggered, forming a beautiful ecosystem. Here, tourists can take a boat to shuttle among the coconut trees, enjoy the beautiful scenery and observe the local ecological environment. In addition to enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, tourists can also experience the lifestyle and culture of the local residents.



Hoi An Ancient Town



Hoi An Ancient Town is the most charming place in central Vietnam. It is an ancient city with a history of more than 500 years. In December 1999, Hoi An Ancient Town was listed as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The ancient town retains the rich traditional architecture and cultural heritage of the 18th century, so it attracts many tourists. Once in Hoi An, you'll wish you had more time to spend here. Hoi An Ancient Town is a place that will bring you a sense of tranquility and peace. It's safe and easy to explore. In addition, the ancient city of Hoi An is also a famous handicraft center, where tourists can buy various handicrafts, such as fabrics, pottery, bamboo weaving and so on.



The trip is complete. The guide will drop you off at your hotel in Hoi An.



Day 4 Pick up in the hotel to Airport


Our driver will pick you up at the hotel and take you to the airport according to your flight time. The itinerary is complete.

Domestic flights: Arrive at the airport 2 hours in advance.

International flights: Arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance.



Tourists are requested to be ready to participate in the tour on time. If the passenger is late, no refund will be given.

If you cancel your order 11 to 20 days before departure, you will be charged a handling fee of 50% of the full travel cost.

If the order is canceled 4 to 10 days before departure, 70% of the full travel fee will be charged as a handling fee.

If the order is canceled 1 to 3 days before departure or on the same day, no refund will be given for those who leave the team due to personal reasons, and those who do not notify or do not participate.

The package itinerary will be based on the end time of the day's itinerary.



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