Yunlin art and culture 1-day tour- Yunlin Puppet Theatre Museum

Yunlin > Cake of Towel Tourism Factory > Cat on the Roof in Dinxi Village > Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum/ Story Museum > Bantou Art Village DIY > Yunli

►Duration:10 Hrs Duration


►Driver Language:Chinese / English

1. Yunlin one-day Private Custom Tour, Feel safe in the capable hands of qualified and experienced chauffeurs and a vehicle fleet maintained to the highest standards

2.Venture in Yunling to destinations such as Cake of Towel Tourism Factory, Cat on the Roof in Dinxi Village, Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum/ Story Museum, Bantou Art Village DIY

3.Experience art and culture in Yunling.

4. Explore more Taiwan

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What You Can Expect


It combines the “cake made-shaped towels” culture, popular chamber and flower wall, becoming a new popular tourist attraction in Yunlin. There’re still coffee shop and art and culture souvenir store where they sell lots of creative-shaped towels. As for the chamber, there’re four areas with their own topics: venture in the cosmos, crazy cooking, ancien Egypt and magic power. It’s a spot that you mustn’t miss in Yunlin.


►Cat on the Roof

Located at Dinxi Village, it’s a painting village themed with cat. Besides large wall painting, there’re also various cat-shaped installation art. Among the works of art, you could see an orange cat most of the time which is named “shiau mi”. In 2003, its mother was gripping it to Dinxi Village because it couldn’t feed it itself. After the care, this little cat grew and became “village cat”.



►Yunlin Puppet Theatre Museum

It’s built during japanese colonial period so the architecture is japanese style. 
Puppet show is that people manipulat the puppets to play the roles in the theater. In early times, it was introduced to Taiwan from China and became popular in Taiwan. There’re lots of puppets exhibited in Yunlin Puppet Theatre Museum and detailed introduction. It’s a must-go tourist attraction for puppet show fans.



This art garden is located at frontier of Yunlin and Chiayi. It’s themed with a huge-cat station, a cat station leader. There’re kinds of koji pottery installation art and you could also experience different DIY here. Besides, lots of taxodium are planted so you could also come here in autume to enjoy different views.

Attribution: Joe Lo

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