Taoyuan the country of lakes one-day tour - Daxi/Yingge/Cihu

•Route A: Historical culture 
Taoyuan > Republic of Chocolate > Daxi Old Street > Cihu Memorial Sculpture Park > Daxi Blooming Oasis > Taoyuan

•Route B: for family 
Taoyuan > Tea Farm DIY > Fresh Fish Lunch > Bike Roaming Daxi Old Street > Taoyuan
•Route B: for family 

Route C: experience ceremic making 
Taoyuan > Leofoo Theme Park >Yingge Ceramics Museum or Old Street > Ceramic DIY > Taoyuan

►Duration:10 Hrs Duration


►Driver Language:Chinese / English

1.Taoyuan Custom Tour, Feel safe in the capable hands of qualified and experienced chauffeurs and a vehicle fleet maintained to the highest standards

2.Venture beyond the city for the most convenient day trip to destinations such asDaxi Old Street, Yingge Ceramics Museum or Old Stree and Cihu. 

3.Experience the landscape and culture in the country of lakes

4. Depart from Taipei with additional fee

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What You Can Expect


Cihu area is 30 hectares. The late president Chiang Kai-Shek used to visit here. The beautiful lake and river landscape is similar to the views in Zhejiang in China. In 1959, Cihu Mausoleum is built in the memory of kind mother Mrs. Wang, so this place is renamed as “Cihu”.

▼Cihu Mausoleum where the late president Chiang Kai-Shek buried

Attribution: Yeehonge

▼Stunning landscape of Cihu


►Daxi Old Street

axi developped early in Taoyuan. Because the trend of baroque architeture in the Japanese colonial period, you could see the fusion of baroque style and 
Minnan style. There’re alsp many tourist attractions nearby, and what you can’t miss is the traditional snacks and traditional toys. 

Attribution: slayer



This name derive from a huge parrot shaped stone in the north. As for the feature of Yingge, all of the tawainese would answer: ceramics. The history has 200 years. Here you could stroll around the old street, visit the museum and experience how to make ceramics.

Attribution: User: (WT-shared) ResTpeTw at wts wikivoyage

▼Ceremics in Yingge

Attribution: lienyuan lee

►Leofoo Village Theme Park

It’s a famous theme park in Taiwan where there’re five topic village and it’s suitable for family. There’re three famous mascots here with which you could have a picture for memory. 

Attribution: Ashley Thay

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