5-day Taiwan Private Tour - Taipei, Taichung, Cingjing, Hualien, Yilan, Taipei

TTtrips travel features

  • Dedicated consultation, real-person customer service who is familiar with Taiwan’s food, attractions and accommodation (Chinese + English service)
  • Customized chartered car, professional local driver, flexible itinerary, assistance in booking local restaurants
  • Travel comfortably without worrying about traffic, parking spaces, or weather

⊛ Suitable for family travel with elders and children
⊛ We will arrange different models according to the number of people
⊛ Suitable for you who don’t have time to plan your itinerary and transportation

Taiwan chartered five-day tour route

 ►Location: Taipei - Taichung - Cingjing - Hualien - Yilan - Taipei

 ►Number of travel days: five-day tour

 ►The driver can speak: Chinese (if you need foreign language driver service, please contact customer service separately)

Features of Taiwan chartered five-day tour


1. Customized chartered car tours in Taiwan, professional young drivers will pick you up from your accommodation, shortening transportation transfer time and greatly improving the quality of travel

2. Let you fully understand Taiwan’s popular attractions and visit Taipei, Taichung, Cingjing, Hualien, Yilan and other attractions

3. Experience Taiwan’s most representative night market culture and taste delicious food from all over the world

4.TTtrips privately recommends Taiwan itinerary

Itinerary package introduction/can be customized




Taipei > Neiwan Old Street > Lavender Forest > Gaomei Wetland > Rainbow Village > Fengjia Night Market > Stay in Taichung


Taichung > Puli Distillery > 18°C ​​Chocolate Factory > Cingjing Farm Green Grassland > Little Swiss Garden > Old England Manor > Stay in Cingjing


Cingjing > Hehuan Mountain > Wuling > Taroko National Park (Baiyang Shuilian Cave/Tianxiang/Yanzikou/Shakadang/Eternal Spring Temple/Gekou) > Dongdamen Ziqiang Night Market > Hualien


Hualien > Qixingtan > Qingshui Cliff > Nanfang'ao Observation Deck > Traditional Art Center > Luodong Forest Farm > Luodong Night Market > Suyilan Jiaoxi Hot Spring


Yilan > Jimi Plaza > Diudiodong Station > Tangweigou Hot Spring Park > Jiufen Old Street > Shifen Sky Lanterns > Taipei 101 > Raohe Night Market > Overnight in Taipei



▲Experience Taiwan’s night market culture and taste Taiwan’s local snacks

▲ Popular attractions in Taipei: Taipei 101, Pingxi Sky Lantern Release, Shifen Waterfall


▲ Popular attractions in Taichung: Gaomei Wetland, Rainbow Village, Taichung National Opera House


▲ Popular attractions near Cingjing Farm: Sun Moon Lake, Hehuan Mountain, Cingjing Green Grassland


▲ Popular attractions in Hualien: Qingshui Cliff, Baiyang Trail Shuiliandong, Xiuguluan River Rafting


▲Popular attractions in Yilan: Yilan Traditional Art Center, Guishan Island Milk Sea, Lanyang Museum


▲ Popular night markets in various counties and cities: Yilan Luodong Night Market, Taichung Fengjia Night Market, Hualien Dongdamen Night Market, Taipei Raohe Night Market

More car models introduced


Introduction to popular attractions

TOP1: Cingjing Farm

Taiwan's popular tourist attraction with Nordic scenery, Qingqing Grassland is the most popular attraction at Cingjing Farm, among which the "Sheep Strip Show" is the most famous!

Attribution: Flickr

TOP2: Qixingtan

Qixingtan is a bay that protrudes from the Meilunbi side. The locals also call it "Crescent Bay". The coastline stretches for more than 20 kilometers, and the width of the beach is about 100 meters. Most of them are gravel stalls, making Qixingtan It has become the best place to ride waves and pick up stones in the suburbs of Hualien.

Attribution: Flickr

TOP3: Jiufen Old Street

The filming location of the movies "Sad City" and "The Hidden Girl" attracts overseas tourists from all over the world every day. The old street has a strong nostalgic style and rich local delicacies, such as Aunt Gump's taro balls, Cai Zi Kueh, etc. Due to its advantageous terrain, surrounded by mountains and facing the sea, the day and night views have a unique flavor.


TOP4: Hehuan Mountain

Hehuan Mountain is located at the junction of Nantou and Hualien. It is the watershed of Dajia River, Zhuoshui River and Liwu River. Whenever the cold current comes, it will always fall with white snow, so it is known as the Snow Town.

Attribution: Flickr


TOP5: Taipei 101

The skyscraper located in Taipei's Xinyi District was completed in November 2003. At that time, it was called the world's tallest skyscraper (height is approximately 508 meters). This title lasted for three years.


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Fee description

Fee included

1. Driver service fee, gas fee, toll fee, parking fee, insurance fee (TWD 2 million/person)

2. Accommodation and meal expenses for the driver and guide

3. 10 hours vehicle usage fee

4. Chinese driver and tour guide for vehicles with nine seats or less (inclusive). If you need an additional tour guide for minibus or above, please consult customer service.

5. Door-to-door pick-up and drop-off at hotels and B&Bs

6. Car accessories are free to use

►Not included in the cost

1. Accommodation expenses, meals, tickets, and other personal expenses

2. Additional expenses caused by force majeure reasons such as traffic delays, strikes, weather, aircraft or machine failures, flight cancellations or time changes, etc.

3. Night service fee: If you use the vehicle and driver service from 22:00 local time to 07:00 the next day, the driver's night service fee of TWD500/day must be paid on site.

4. If in the actual itinerary, the 10-hour standard service range is exceeded due to the guest's tour time being too long, overtime fees will need to be paid. The guest can pay directly to the driver in cash.

►Overtime fee charging standards

1. A 9-seater VAN including the following car models charges TWD500/hour

2. 9-seater large T including above models is charged TWD1,000/hour


Unsubscribe rules

If the guest cancels the trip due to personal reasons, the fees will be handled in accordance with the "Foreign Tourism Standardized Contract" issued by the Tourism Bureau.

l If the order is canceled 41 days before departure, a handling fee of 5% of the total travel fee will be charged

l If you cancel the order 31 to 40 days before departure, a handling fee of 10% of the total travel fee will be charged

l If you cancel the order 21 to 30 days before departure, a handling fee of 20% of the total travel fee will be charged

l If you cancel the order 2 to 20 days before departure, a handling fee of 30% of the total travel fee will be charged

l If you cancel the order 1 day before departure, a handling fee of 50% of the total travel fee will be charged

l Those who cancel the order on the day of departure, exceed the gathering time, leave the group due to personal reasons, and those who do not participate without notification will not be refunded

Commissioner consultation
The travel service you choose requires a specialist to explain to you, please consult our customer service staff, so that we can answer more closely.
Customer service hours:9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.