Taitung wonderland 1-day tour - Luyeh Highland/ Railway art village

•    Route A: multiple experiences
Taitung > Beinan Cultural Park > Wild Boar Ranch for Coffee Alamid > Bunun Tribe > Luye Gaotai (Paragliding) > Bike Roaming Longtian Japanese Immigrant Village > Taitung

•    Route B: for friends
Taitung > Taitung Seaside Park (Bike roaming Outdoor Art Space) > Railway Art Village > Shanyuan Ecological Park(Feeding Wild Fish) > Jialulan Recreation Area > Beinan Dazun Water Conservation Park > Taitung

•    Route C: natural experience
Taitung > Fuli Church > Luoshan Organnic Village(Luoshan Waterfull/Mud Volcano/Dayu Pond) > Wushibi Fishing Harbor > Wild Monkey at Taiyuan Valley > Donghe Bridge > Water Running Up Spot > Taitun

Duration10 Hrs Duration


Driver LanguageChinese / English

1. Taitung Custom Tour, Feel safe in the capable hands of qualified and experienced chauffeurs and a vehicle fleet maintained to the highest standards

2.Venture beyond the city for the most convenient day trip to destinations such as Luyeh Highland, Railway art village, Peinan Cultural Park

3.Experience the most stunning natural landscape in Taiwan

4. Explore more in Hualien and Taitung

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What You Can Expect

►Peinan Cultural Park

It’s the first culture heritage park in Taiwan, exhibiting historical relics of Peinan culture heritage including sarcophagus and tools. The most famous one is the moon-shaped stone pillar behind Taitung station. In addtion to the heritages, there’s also view point for appreciating the whole view of Taitung.

Attribution: lienyuan lee

▼    moon-shaped stone pillar

Attribution: Benson KC Fang

►Luyeh Highland

It’s the first popular tourist attraction themed with hot air balloon. There’s Taiwan International Balloon Festival from June to August every year. The colorful ballons with different shapes on the green grass field give people a good mood. At night, there’s also lightening music festival where The ballons will rise with the tempo of the music. On the daily, there’s also sports such as grass ski and hang glider.


►Railway art village

It used to be Taitung station and was the terminal of Taitung line. After not being in service, it’s recontructed to be railway art village. It retains the original look of the platform and exhibit three ancien train carriages here. Now, it  

Attribution:WEi WEi


It’s located between the coast and the rift valley and is 4 kilometers long. It’s surrounded by the mountain and with the river erosion, the canyon is formed. The most stunning view is located between Dengxian Bridge and “泰源村”. Here is also a heaven for macaques. They appear when looking for food in the afternoon.


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