Heavy Sailing Members Area

Learn to Sail on Tamsui Bay
With a regular 12 knots of wind, strong currents, Tamsui Bay offers one of the most cofortable sailing venues. With the Guandu Bridge and Bali in the background, TSA 30 will give you the experience and skills you need to enjoy sailing in a variety of conditions - with confidence. This American Sailing Association course provides the skills you'll need to enjoy active participation as crew in the operation of a sailboat. Learn sailing terminology and its applications, essential knots, points of sail, navigation rules, docking basics, and more. We also offer advace course TSA40.

Your four days of hands-on training will be under the guidance of TSA certified sailing instructor. Courses consist of lecture and mostly hands-on training while sailing our Ocean Orange Cat vessels (35 feet). Upon successful completion of this course, you will be well on your way to becoming a skipper on Tamsui Bay and beyond.

The Class

Session 1. Sailling basic 

Session 2.Navigation theory

Session 3.driving and taking for wind

Session 4.depature for the harbor

Session 5.baic knot for sailling

Session 6.Genoa and main sail 

Session 7.Nautical instrument and Radar

Session 8.The traffic rule

Session 9.Men over board and saving

Session 10.Navigation planning

Class date

2022, we have sailling class every weekend you cna pic up 10 days and start your sailling

class location

Tamsui Bay (google map海上的日子)

Class fee



Sail boat rent

Taiwan , Boston, Cebu

Require certification: TSA40 or ASA104 or ICC or IYT or Rya skipper


Ocean Orange Cat is the latest and most beautiful freshwater sailboat in 2022. Members can learn sailing knowledge and fun, participate in long-distance sailing and competitions
After a year and a half to build, imported from France Jeanneau 35 feet, 9 passengers, 1 captain and sailor

Annual membership fee: 125,000

(1) 2022 Jeanneau 35 feet, can take 10 people, unlimited times, liveaboard. The cost of chartering a boat is 1000 yuan per person per day

(2) 3 people in low season; 6 people in peak season (May-October)

(3) There are sailors/instructors with the boat, and the wave height is 1.5 meters or the wind speed is greater than 20 knots, and the boat is not allowed

(4) Prepare before sailing, observe safety during sailing, and clean up the ship after sailing

(5) Half-day discounted price of 2,000 yuan for non-members, 4,000 yuan for multi-day long-distance voyages

(6) Members follow the instructions of the sailor/instructor on board. In case of accident or damage, the member is not responsible for compensation.

(7) If the member goes abroad or has a business trip (more than one month), the membership can be transferred.

(8) After many days of voyages, the number of members must be recruited. It is proposed to negotiate the voyage with the ship owner two weeks ago, and the ship owner should try their best to cooperate.

Registration method: private message LINE customer service

Meeting point: Tamsui Marina (google map 海上的日子)



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TSA design 10 session, each sailing session is half day, the learning goal is 40 hours sailing experience, and join sailing team sailing by your own. Know the sailing and save rule. We may arrange different coach base on the need of students. 

Day1 Safe concenpts,engine ,boarding and docking

Day2 Parts of mail sail, jib , start to sail

Day3 Sailing concept, taking, jibing

Day4 Apply the knot ,sailing over sea

Day5 Anchoring skill

Day6 Sailing plan, Marine map, GPS, AIS, Radar, the Weather 

Day7 Man over boat

Day8 Long distance sailing

Day9 Review class

Day10 Exam