Taichung easy 1 day tour-Lihpao Land/Spring Mountain Leisure Farm

Route A: for family
Taichung > Lihpao Land or Mara Bay Waterpark > Houli Horse Farm & Houfeng Tiema Dao / Hualiang Steel Bridge / No.9 Tunnel > Yuemei Old Sugar Factory > Taichung 

Route B: for kids
Taichung > Xinshe Musinchuan Leisure Farm > Gu-Gu House > Princess Annie’s Garden > Malipu Painted Trail > Dakang cartoon king > Taichung 

Duration10 Hrs Duration


Driver LanguageChinese / English

1.Taichung one-day Private Custom Tour, Feel safe in the capable hands of qualified and experienced chauffeurs and a vehicle fleet maintained to the highest standards

2.Venture in Taichung and to destinations such as  Lihpao Land, Houli Horse Ranch, Spring Mountain Leisure Farm, Cardboard-themed park for kids

3. Explore more in Taichung

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What You Can Expect

►Lihpao Land

It’s one of the most famous big theme amusement park in Taiwan. There’re waterland area and land area in the amusement park. It has both exciting facilities and facilities for kids and recently it add room escape, providing different choices for the tourists.

Attribution: LIHPAO LAND

►Houli Horse Ranch

It’s the largest and the most historical horse ranch in Taiwan. Now it becomes tourist horse ranch where you could not only experience horse riding, visit equestrian museum but also learn equestrian and ride european carriage. You could also rent a bike to travel around Houli.


►Spring Mountain Leisure Farm

Located at the altitude of 600 to 900 meters, at the top of the farm, you could see “酒桶山” at south, port of Taichung at west and Dasyue mountain at east. In the morning, you could enjoy the surise, at dusk, you could enjoy the sunset. It holds complete and stunnging views.

►Cardboard-themed park for kids

It’s the earlist tourist park themed cardboard. There’re various works of art of paper, from strong cardboard chairs and tables, creative paper lamps to bowls and pots which could be used to cook. Besides the products, there’re also DIY activities.

Attribution: Lionel Leong


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