Taipei Yachting and Power Boat Driving Training Course

Latest start time: 2022.07/05~07/24



Class Date: Every Tuesday to Friday from 18:00 to 22:00, 48 hours in three weeks

Class location: No. 26, Guanqian Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City (near MRT National Taiwan University Hospital Exit 4)



Class Date: 08:00~17:00 every Saturday to Sunday, a total of 48 hours for three weeks

Class location: Dazhi Meidi Pier


Qualifications for registration: The qualifications for the training are Chinese nationals who have reached the age of 18 but have not reached the age of 65, and have passed the medical examination for driving a powered boat for business use.

How to apply: fill in the application form


Course content

Disciplines: Maritime regulations and collision avoidance rules, common sense of navigation, common knowledge of ships and machinery, ship craftsmanship and ship handling, common sense of air (sea) and weather, communication and emergency measures, a total of six items

Surgery: Offshore, Straight Forward, Backward, Turning, S-Type Forward, Personnel Search and Rescue, Landing, a total of seven items


Course fee

Business class: NT$20,000 per person

Self-use class: NT$17,000 per person

The fee includes: set of textbooks, insurance, teaching fees for academic (technical) subjects, and the use of practice boats

The fee does not include: license fee, transportation fee, food and beverage fee

Bank: Yushan Bank - Keelung Branch 808

Account Name: Taiwan Yachting Sailing Association

Account number: 0783-440-006180


After filling out the registration form and completing the remittance procedures, please call the Tamsui office

02-28050123 (Ms. Wei Xuan) Provide the last five codes of the remittance account to complete the registration process


Approval and filing agency for this training class: Ministry of Communications

Approval number: Jiaohangzi No. 0960058392

Complaint telephone number of the port bureau: 0800-369009 , 02-89782900

Yachting Examination Class: Approval and filing authority for this training class: Ministry of Communications


Package tours or individual package itinerary products are applicable to the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of China. When you complete the itinerary, you agree and accept domestic tourism formalization contract agreement

In accordance with Article 33 and related regulations of the "Taipei City Short-term Tuition Class Management Regulations" issued by the Education Bureau of the Taipei City Government
(1) Before the 60th day before the start of the course ¬ - 95% refund.
(2) Before the 59th day to the 8th day - 90% refund.
(3) From the seventh day to the first day - 80% refund.
(4) Before the second class on the actual start date - 70% refund.
(5) After the second class and within one-third of the full term - 50% will be refunded.
(6) One-third overdue - no refund.
(The above are based on the actual tuition fees paid in the current period.)
Those who fail to pass the physical examination before and after the class will be refunded in full if they have paid the fee

The above is based on the actual tuition fees paid in the current period
Those who fail to pass the physical examination before and after the class will be refunded in full if they have paid the fee

Refund or fee related hotline: 02-28050123
Or call toll free: 0800817168

◎Seven one-inch photos must be submitted when registering (please submit a recent photo within 6 months, please indicate your name on the back of the photo)
◎ Those who fail to pass the physical examination before and after class will be refunded in full if they have paid the fee
◎Please complete the payment procedure within one week after submitting the registration form. Failure to complete the payment within the time limit will be regarded as cancellation of registration

◎What is the purpose of obtaining the power boat license?
It can carry passengers and freight, and use it as a for-profit job search

◎Is the driver's license international?
Due to the different regulations and waters of various countries, there is no international yacht driver's license. You must have this driver's license to drive a yacht in Taiwan!

◎What is a powered boat?
You can drive power boats with a gross tonnage of less than 20 tons. Most of the tonnage you see in the yacht port is below this tonnage. With this license, you can rent a boat for driving and sailing during holidays.

◎Where is the test location?
All academic subjects have been arranged for you, but the actual test time and place shall be subject to the announcement of the Airport Authority

◎Is there any special regulations for medical examination?
Due to the examination by the Port Authority, it is necessary to use the powered boat medical examination form prescribed by the Port Authority. It is recommended to go to the Keelung Municipal Hospital Outpatient Center to register for a medical examination. The examination should be done before noon. Go to the counter to ask for the power boat medical examination form