Hsinchu romantic windy city 1-day tour - Hakka Lei-cha/Beipu Old Street

•Route A: Hsinchu culture
Hsinchu > Hsinchu City Craft Glass Museum (Hukou Old Street on Mondays)> Hsinchu Train Station、Dongmen Traffic Circle > Cheng Huang Temple / Traditional Taiwanese Food > Expo Taiwan Pavillion > Nanliao Fishing Port  > Hsinchu

•Route B: for family 
Hsinchu > Hsinchu Green World Ecological Farm > Beipu Old Street > Beipu Hakka Ground Tea DIY > Hsinchu 

►Duration:10 Hrs Duration


►Driver Language:Chinese / English

1.Hsinchu Custom Tour, Feel safe in the capable hands of qualified and experienced chauffeurs and a vehicle fleet maintained to the highest standards

2.Venture beyond the city for the most convenient day trip to destinations such as Cheng Huang Temple, Nanliao Fishing Port, Beipu Old Street, and the experience of making Lei-cha. 

3.Experience the Hakka culture.

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What You Can Expect

►Hsinchu City God Temple

This history could be traced back to 200 years ago, and the temple was the largest one at that time. Legned has it that “Chenghuang Ye” is the god in charge of good and evil so the arrange of the temple is as the administractive office in the ancien time. During the period of lantern festival each year, it attracts lots of tourists.

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►Nanliao Fishing Harbor

There’re long breakwaters outside the Nanliao Fishing Harbor and the bank is painted by colorful marine ecology which is a symbol of Nanliao Fishing Harbor. In 2018, the government plan a area of beach for family.
There’s also a fish products direct selling center which is about 3600 square meteres. There’re two floors. In the first floor, there’s fresh seafood and in the second floor, there’re various delicious meals. They also provide the service of cooking.

(Attribution: Tzuhsun Hsu)


►Beipu Old Street

Beipu is the largest cultivation area in the north of Taiwan in Qing dynasty, where you could see many historical heritages here. Because of the special history background, there’re also the largest historic relics group in Taiwan. Besides, there’re also a variety of Hakka food like Persimmon cake.

(Attribution: Outlookxp)


▼Beipu Old Street

(Attribution: Pbdragonwang)


►The experience of making Lei-cha

Lei-cha is snack used by Hakka to treat the guests. “Lei” means grinding by using 
Ceramic bowls. The process is to grind the ingredients like sesame, peanuts and then pour the hot and cold water. Beipu is an area of Hakka culture so the experience of making Lei-cha is also famous.

(Attribution: Ren Kuo)

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