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Course Fees

course term tuition fees

Group class(3-7pax)

8 lessons (8 weeks) NT 3,200

Private lessons(1on1)

8 lessons (8 weeks) NT 19,200
Group class, try a single class experience tuition NT 500


How to book the Class?

Group class
1. Select 1 class period you want to attend. Download the schedule
2. Contact TTtrips LINE customer service to register.
3. Ask the customer service to open the store to give you the payment link.
4. After completing the registration, please bring your own yoga mat for class.
(The mat can be deposited in the classroom, no need to bring it with you)

Private lessons
1. Contact TTtrips LINE customer servic.
2. Inform the customer service of your name and mobile phone number.
3. The teacher will take the initiative to contact you.


Tel:02-29343589 | Address:B1, No. 107, Section 6, Roosevelt Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City (5 minutes walk from Jingmei MRT Station)


Package tours or individual package itinerary products are applicable to the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of China. When you complete the itinerary, you agree and accept domestic tourism formalization contract agreement

Beginner courses are all teaching content designed for freshmen, you can choose the type of learning you like.

Please eat a light meal 1-2 hours before class to maintain energy, because practicing each class on an empty stomach will allow you to get into the situation faster.
* Clothing that is fit, light, sweat-absorbing and elastic is appropriate.
* Please bring your own yoga mat or buy it from teacher Niko in the classroom (picture below).
*Before and after class, you need to add water. There are water dispensers in the classroom. In response to environmental protection, students are asked to bring their own cups.


Necola Yoga Mat (without bag)
Ingredients: Natural Rubber + Linen
Thickness 4-4.5mm about 2.5kg
List price $2,250
Student Price $1,850
Color: Linen White, Linen Blue

Please go to the classroom website to pay by card or remittance online. For payment questions, please contact LINE customer service.

This classroom is open for single-class experience courses. If you like courses, you are welcome to privately message LINE customer service one day before the class to make an appointment and pay for registration. Experience fee 500 yuan / class

*Ask for leave: Please call 02-29343589 or private message LINE customer service the day before the class to ask for leave. Those who do not ask for leave will be regarded as absent from class and will not be made up.

*Make-up lessons: Overdue courses will be void. Please make up lessons within the current validity period. Temporary make-up lessons will not be accepted by calling to make an appointment the day before.

*After 7 days of registration for the course, we will not accept any reason to cancel the refund or postpone the date. If you cannot accept the registration, please consider the registration.
* The course can only be used by oneself. If you cannot continue the course due to personal reasons, you can transfer it to others. The limit of one transfer must be used up within the end of the current course (300 yuan homework processing fee will be charged).